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Harvey Durham Insurance is pleased to announce our partnership with The Chris Stigall Podcast. Join us every morning from 6AM-9AM for an informative and newsworthy show!

Do you want the most up-to-date news on politics and current events? Look no farther than the Chris Stigall Show for the latest updates. Chris Stigall’s podcast is a show that focuses on important current events, the most recent political stories, and breaking news. Chris Stigall is dedicated to keeping you up to date on the latest trends and news. Harvey Durham Insurance is pleased to announce our partnership with The Chris Stigall Show. The new partnership is committed to bringing Harvey Durham Insurance clients not only access to the latest news, but also the best rates for their insurance. The Chris Stigall Show can be heard from 6-9am (ET) on Philly’s AM 990 and from 10-12N (CST) on KCMO 710AM. 

Harvey Durham Insurance has partnered with The Chris Stigall Show in order to bring our clients more information and resources. Harvey believes that not only should you have the latest insurance coverage, but also the latest news and information. Join us every morning for an informative and newsworthy show!

Chris has been a writer’s intern for “Late Show with David Letterman,” a columnist, and a frequent guest on cable television and radio. He combines fascinating interviews with his passion for news, politics, and humor to produce the The Chris Stigall Show. With over 20 years of radio experience, Chris is sure to keep you informed and entertained each morning! Since 2009, Chris has been recognized by “Talkers Magazine” as one of the “100 Most Important Radio Hosts in America.” Harvey Durham Insurance is excited to partner with such a highly rated and well-respected show. Chris Stigall has also made noteworthy appearances on Fox News and CBS Philly where he shared his latest thoughts and opinions on current news. Harvey Durham Insurance is proud to work with Chris and bring you the best show in morning radio. Tune in every weekday morning for news, politics, and entertainment that you won’t want to miss!

Harvey Durham Insurance Agency is committed to helping their clients get the right insurance at the best price. Harvey is currently licensed in 40 states and has been named the #1 Agent Nationally for 6 different Health Insurance Companies at one time or another. Harvey knows what each individual needs and will work with you until everything matches up just right. With him you get coverage that’s right for YOU. So whether you’re looking into health insurance or long-term care; let Harvey take care of it so you can have peace of mind. 


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Harvey Durham Insurance Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Finding your own health insurance can be overwhelming. Harvey Durham can help you find affordable coverage that’s right for you.

Healthcare made for you

Realtor Health Insurance

Realtor health insurance is a specific type of coverage designed to meet the needs and requirements for real estate agents. It can be difficult finding affordable or adequate healthcare, most companies charge too much and it’s hard getting approved on such policies. Harvey is here to help you navigate these issues.

Harvey Durham Insurance recognizes the importance of health coverage for freelancers and helps individuals secure the protection they need everyday. Protect your family, health, and money with Harvey Durham Insurance

Health Insurance for startups

At Harvey Durham, we know that the number one priority for any small business owner is to provide a safe working environment and healthy employees. We offer different policies so you can find what’s best suited for your growing company. With Harvey Durham, you can find the best healthcare options for your employees and company