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Navigate The Maze of Health Insurance

Navigating the maze of Health Insurance can be a daunting task. Many questions have to be answered. 

  • What coverage is government mandated?
  • Is the coverage I need affordable?
  • Do I have more coverage than I need?
  • If something happens will my family and finances be ok?
  • How do I obtain Health Insurance as a freelancer?

At Harvey Durham Insurance, we help you answer these questions. Our policies have no open enrollment periods and policies are available 365 a year. There are no deductibles, no co-pays and first day coverage. You can choose your own doctor and any hospital.

JUst a few of our clients

Harvey, as I said to you when we initial spoke, there was divine timing in our meeting and over the past few months since we purchased the medical insurance you introduced us to, I have been reaffirmed in that statement. I must admit that I was skeptical of how or if the insurance was going to be accepted by our health providers, but so far, every provider we've used has accepted and is part of the provider network. The accident rider you recommended to us has been our savings grace over the past few months. Our youngest son hurt his knee at basketball practice. We had to go to convenient care the same day for x-rays. The following day, we went to a local sports orthotic group who recommended surgery. We went to a orthotic group out of St. Louis to get a second opinion and was told all he needed to do was keep his braces on, locked straight, for 4 weeks and have 12 rehab sessions after for strength and range of motion.
In my head, I was calculating how much we were going to have to pay out of pocket; however, between the regular insurance and the accident rider, not only have all of our claims been paid 100%, we've received almost $2,000 back from the indemnity payment balances left from paying the claims.

This insurance has been a God sent and has really allowed me to think about moving to 100% self-employment and not going back to a corporate job because I know my family's medical insurance needs are taken care of.
Will L
Current Client
Wow, wow, wow, I was blown away by this company. I always considered health insurance a necessary evil but resented having to pay for it. That was before I found Harvey Durham and Philadelphia American. It is crazy but I have received several checks back from them for me to cash. They negotiate my medical bills down and pay me the difference... I know that sounds to good to be true but it is... I have the checks to prove it.. I jokingly told someone the other day I considered getting sick just as a way to get extra income....
Joel Levinson
Policy Owner
I can't say enough about my health insurance company. I have been with Philadelphia for years and no one believes me when I say, "they pay me to go to the doctor." I know that sounds unbelievable, but I get checks back in the mail when I go see my health care provider. This is the best health insurance I have ever had, and it is the most affordable. I have come to trust and depend on them over the years. They have never let me down. My medical bills are covered and a lot of the time I have extra cash in my hand because they negotiate and get the best for me...... I couldn't be happier with Philadelphia American or my agent Harvey Durham.
Barbara Kilburn
Current Client
My husband and I have been self-employed for 20 years. We have been paying self -employed insurance premiums that long too. With the creation of Obama Care our premiums skyrocketed and the Obama Care plans were even higher. It was very frustrating to have insurance premiums higher than our mortgage payment. We met Harvey Durham by chance, and he gave us his card. Harvey has been a huge blessing. He found us affordable coverage (about 1/3 of what we were paying). The policy is a well-known, established company and every doctor we see regularly is in network. He is always available to answer questions or assist with anything we need. I would highly recommend letting Harvey price your healthcare coverage. We will be renewing our policies in 2021 for sure!
Amy J. Hendersonville, TN
Current Client
One day I had a phone call from Harvey Durham about health insurance. He discussed my policy I had at the time and compared it with what he had to offer. After several months, I decided to change to Philadelphia American Life Insurance Company. This is the best change on health insurance I've ever made. Philadelphia American Life Insurance Company pays my wellness visits, surgery procedures along with sending me a check for my savings that is due to me. It is hard to believe but this insurance company negotiates with the hospital on the cost, pays the hospital, and then sends me a check for the additional savings from the hospital. I've never had a health insurance company that looked out for MY well-being. My agent, Harvey Durham, is always available for questions and answers whenever I call. This means a lot to me when an agent gives you his undivided attention. I am grateful to have this health insurance and to have my agent, Harvey Durham!
Liz Sisler-Wagner, Oakland, Maryland
Current Client

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